Oh Taiko!

If your master makes taiko fun you will have fun
Awesome Cherry Blossom Fest
Taiko can be intense
The Master at his craft
Team performance
Setting up
Intensity builds
That is one huge drum
Battle of the taiko
A happy taiko performer

Cherry 2

Wasabi Magazine
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The lion head
Kokeshi dolls at Spencer House

More kawaii (cute) dolls
Japanese yukata at Spencer House
The lion pays a visit to Spencer House
Shoppers and festival goers at Parker Ranch
Performers at Parker Ranch
Enjoying my andadog.

Chinese vases at Pu’u Opelu Historic Homes

Sweet mochi to coat the bitter tea

Green tea

26th Annual Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry trees in bloom on Church Road

Church Road Park

A chef from Sushi Shiono giving a cooking demonstration

A marital arts demonstration outside Kamuela Hongwangji
Waimea Bonsai show on Church Road
Waimea Bonsai Show
My Dad brought the planter from China
Another of my Dad’s pots
Another of my Dad’s pots
Tea ceremony at Pu’u Opelu Hostoric Homes
Hawaiian head wear
Pu’u Opelu Historic Homes
The art gallery at Pu’u Opelu
Chanoyu. The way of tea
Pu’u Opelu Historic Homes
Carriage at Pu’u Opelu

Getting My Asian Fix

I’m all over the press lately regarding the Asian Festival and the Waimea Heritage Cherry Blossom Festival.

My article “Getting My Asian Fix” is in Wasabi Magazine. Available at any KTA Store or subscribe online at http://www.readwasabi.com.

I’m also in the West Hawaii Today Newspaper. Check it out at http://wcontest.com/2019/01/28/26th-annual-cherry-blossom-heritage-festival-feb-2-west-hawaii-today/. Here’s an exerpt.

Jada Rufo has been attending the festival since she moved to Waimea six years ago.

“I used to live in China, and I also used to live in Japan and for me, going to these cultural festivals is a way of just readjusting to my home country and also getting my fix of East Asia,” she said.

This year, Rufo will be present as a vendor with the Hawaii Writer’s Guild and is looking forward to watching her favorite festival feature, the Taiko drum performances.

“I think it’s a way of not just bringing communities together, but it also allows people to learn and experience different cultures,” said Rufo.

Hawaii Writers Guild Dinner

Wow! What a fabulous event! We just celebrated our first year of our Guild’s existence. We elected our new leaders for the next year and outlined this past year’s successes. This dinner’s readers also featured authors who have been published in 2018. Guest readers were Dave Foust, Bruce Stern, Sam Cudney, Louise Riofrio, and Dr. Heather Riviera. Mahalo to Joy Fisher and Cece Johansen for putting this together and Annas Ranch for hosting. Looking onward to 2019!

Asian Fest and Cherry Blossom Festival

Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s time to welcome in the Year of the Boar. Oink oink! What better way to do this than to head on down to the Queen’s Market Place for Asian Fest and then to the Waimea Heritage Cherry Blossom Festival. For more information visit the Cherry Blossom Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/217373859197107/. For more info on Asian Fest visit the Queen’s Market Place website at https://www.queensmarketplace.net/index.php/events