June Author Readings


Hawaii Writers Guild Presents June Author Readings

The Hawaii Writers Guild will present Lit Nite, an evening of original readings by Big Island authors on Wednesday, June 6, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Thelma Parker Library, 67-1209 Mamalahoa Hwy in Waimea.

Eliza Cahill, president of the Hawaii Writers Guild, will be reading an excerpt from her novel-in-progress about the holocaust, Eleven Years of Silence.
Bob Lupo, a Hawaii Writers Guild member who lives in Hakalau, will read from his recently published book, Bleacher Heaven, an urban crime drama set in the South Bronx during the seventh game of the 2016 World Series.

Waikoloa resident Amara Cudney, who published her first novel after moving to Hawaii, will be reading a short story entitled “The Inventory” and a poem called “The Perfect Stranger”.

Joy Fisher, a Hawaii Writers Guild member from Waimea, will be reading an excerpt from her memoir-in-progress, Souvenirs of Canada: A Memoir of an American Exile.
Following the readings, members of the audience will have an opportunity to question the four writers about their work and writing lives.

The Hawaii Writers Guild is an independent association of professional writers. The semi-monthly readings are free and open to the public. Videos and stories of past readings are posted on the Guild website at http://www.hawaiiwritersguild.com/guild-news.html.

For additional information or directions contact Joy Fisher at 238-0551.



A Birthday Wish

Indeed I have been blessed.


As some of you may recalled last year I spent my 47th birthday in the ER. I was involved in a three car accident in front of the Napa Auto Parts and Kamuela Liquor Stores. I was the car in the middle. My Prius was rear ended by a nineteen year old kid in a Honda Pilot traveling much faster than the thirty miles per hour allowed. I ended up rear ending a friend’s vehicle.


Five months prior to that accident I was rear ended at the top of Airport Road and the Queen Ka’ahumanu traffic light by a Kona Trans container truck loaded with a container.


If I were a cat with nine lives I’d say I have at least five left. After experiencing two earthquakes 6.0 and above and eighteen months apart and after these two accidents I’m no stranger to personal calamities. Instead of Calamity Jane I could be called Calamity Jada.


So it is ironic that I am a school crossing guard where I put myself in danger on a daily basis. I see drivers speeding through my cross walk where the speed limit is twenty miles per hour when children are present. I see drivers on devices or not wearing seat belts. I see children who are not properly restrained in cars. And yes, I get drivers running my STOP sign even when pedestrians are waiting to cross.


I read out loud their license plate numbers and then record them in my notebook when I have a spare moment. At the end of my shift I report these violations to my boss.


This week as I am making my 48th march around the sun I’ll be out there serving my community. I’ll be escorting children and their parents to and from school as I usually do. I’m asking members of this community to drive as if your kids live here because our keiki are also members of our town. I’m asking those of you who think you can multi-task to put your devices down. And for those who think of yourselves as being a safe driver to please buckle up and to buckle up your children in booster seats.


I speak from personal experience that seat belts save lives and that no one should have to celebrate a birthday in the hospital. Birthdays should be celebrated the way the one being honored wishes to celebrate. I feel as if I had my 47th celebration stolen because of someone else’s carelessness on the road.


So please. Buckle up. Device down. And drive as if your kids live here. Thank you.

Lit Nite Mahalo





Mahalo to those who came to our Lit Nite last night. Special thanks to Peter Georgas, Diane Revell, Cecilia Johansen, and Mahealani Wendt, our presenters. Thanks also goes out to the Thelma Parker Library for the use of their conference room.

Don’t forget next week Monday, April 9th at the North Kohala Library we will have another HWG sponsored reading event.