Dangerous Women


Woman: Ariana Grande

Weapon of choice: A music sheet

Mission: To bring joy and healing to the world.


Woman: Malala Yousefzai

Weapon of choice: A book

Mission: To give girls an education and empower themselves.

imageWoman: Mother Teresa

Weapon of choice: A rosary

Mission: To heal the sick and help the poor.

imageWoman: Aung Sung Su Kyi

Weapon of choice: A ballot box

Mission: To bring political change in her country.


Woman: Susan B. Anthony

Weapon of choice: A ballot

Mission: To give women the right to vote.

imageWoman: Rosa Parks

Weapon of choice: A bus

Mission: To expose injustice and inequality.


Woman: Wilhemina Vautrin

Weapon of choice: A ceremonial college cap.

Mission: To save female refugees from Japanese soldiers.


Woman: Hua Mulan

Weapon of choice: A sword

Mission: To break down gender barriers and stereotypes.


Woman: Jada Rufo

Weapon of choice: A pen

Mission: To remind people of history and to learn from it.

Are you a dangerous woman?

What is your weapon of choice?

What is your mission?

What can you do to make the world a better place?


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Women

  1. Don’t forget that Ariana also packs a well-licked do-nut, and an attitude of anarchy, while Mother Teresa thought that contraception was the world’s greatest evil. Rosa Parks didn’t give a damn about civil rights. She was just too tired and stubborn to stand up for some arrogant male white trash. Malala got shot – and they gave her a Peace Prize??? Gunfire and peace, I don’t see the connection. Social progress was made, not necessarily by some of these women, but because of them. There is a difference. Not all of them were angels. 😯


    1. Yes, I get it that some of these women are controversial and have their flaws. But don’t we all? My point in writing this is that these women faced their adversities with strength and dignity and in doing so they changed the world to make it a better place.


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