Hawaii Writers Guild


People ask me how long it took me to write Banana Girl: An Asian American Woman’s Life in China.

It took me nearly ten years.

As a writer living in a non English speaking or writing country getting feedback for my book was nearly impossible. Getting native English speakers together for a get-together can be challenging. Getting a native English speaker to proof read and give feedback on my manuscript can be daunting because the expat population is so spread out and transient. I don’t really get to know people and trusting them with my precious manuscript is very important to me.

As for posting my manuscript in the mail? Expensive. I paid 300 yuan or nearly $40 for sending 200 pages of my book to my father for him to give me feedback. My book is 366 pages long. Imagine how much it would cost me to post the entire book.

I would have loved to have a website that would accept my manuscript via e-mail and that would give me feedback for a fraction of the cost to send my book through the postal service.

If you are a writer living outside of Hawaii and are interested in getting feedback on your manuscript I invite you to visit our website at http://www.hawaiiwritersguild.com/.




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