Truly truly I say to you when you were young, you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted, but when you are old you will stretch out your hands and another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go.


John 21:18 (ESV)


Another will

Clean your cupboards

And do your household chores

Another will do them differently

Not a time to settle old scores

Another will

Clean and bathe you

Including your private parts

Another will have to endure you

With all your warts and farts

Another will

Cook for you

Food you may not like

Another will cook for their young ones

Can you compete with a tyke?

Another will

Take you to your appointments

You have to fit their schedule

Another has a job and family

Not a perfect time module

Another will

Dress you and wash your clothes

And deal with emergency calls

Another will have to be there

When you have a fall

Another will

Sacrifice themselves

For caring for their old

Another will tire out quickly

Causing their lives to unfold

Another will

Scream “I give up!”

I want out!

Another will yearn

To travel about

Another will

Tell you off

Fine! Do it your way!

Another will scream “what am I to you?

I don’t have a say.”

Another will

Give up on you

You have become a nag

Another will call you a god damn curmudgeon

A grumpy ole crag

Another will

Bear the brunt

Of many falsehoods and accusations

Another will put up

With hurtful words and pent up frustrations

Another will

Ask for help

From where ever she can find it

Another will take a break

Cause damn it! She deserves it!


Another will

Also be there

When the skies are gray

Another will provide a shoulder

When you have a bad day

Another will

Muster prayer warriors

To assist from far and near

Another can ask others

To lend you their ears

Another will

Ask others

To lend a helping hand

Another will welcome visitors


Another will

Ask you for stories

From back in your day

Another will get on their hands and knees

And pray


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