Santa’s New Elves: A Politically Incorrect Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the dorm
Every factory girl was up
Working up a storm

They’re not from the North Pole
As many would believe
But from places like Hunan
Henan and Jiangxi

Their faces are not
Cream color white
But rather more yellow
And Asian in fright

They don’t have names
Like Sunny or Lisa
But names like Xiao Mi
Xiao Hong or Xiao Da

Their families are poor
With just enough to eat
Yet they somehow manage
To make toys on the cheap

They work in factories
In dire condition
And they have to get by
On poor nutrition

They work seventeen hours
That’s seventeen straight
On a long assembly line
And one bathroom break

They crank out the Tonkas
The Barbies the Wiis
They sew up your sneakers
And stuff your plushies

They crank out their quotas
Because if they don’t
Their bosses will beat them
And pay them they won’t

So the next time you shop
At big box retail
Stores like Wal*mart or Kmart
That have a big sale

Remember the girls
Who made your toys
Cause they work for so little
For us big boys.



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