Waimea Writer’s Reading

With the Tutu’s House Writers’ Group
Friday, November 18 • 6 to 7:30 pm
Take a trip with us as we travel from modern China, to ancient Hawai‘i,
and many other times and places in between. Tutu’s Writers’ Support
Group is offering a night of fun and informative entertainment as writers
share their original works with the community.
If you write or have intentions to, this will be an excellent way to be in-
spired to further investigate your talent. Also, your being there will lend
encouragement to those presenting. Many of these writers
have published works, and been involved in the
writing process for a long time.
The Writers’ Group is an
eclectic bunch made up of
those born and raised on the
island, to those who have
recently made the move.
The authors will read fiction
and non-fiction, prose and
poetry on a variety of topics.
The variety of writings
offered reflects the makeup
of the group. By joining us,
your presence makes this
evening complete.
Feel free to bring something
to share on our delicious
pupu table.
For more information please visit the Tutu’s House website at http://www.tutushouse.org/newsletter.html

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