Damn Mozzies!



Damn Mozzies

There is a legend

Of African lore

Of a lying mosquito

Irritating our core

“I have a story

You must heeeeeer!”


The last thing I need

Is a mozzy in my ear

First it was malaria

Then chikungunya

Next followed dengue

They’re out to get ya

Now there is zika

We have to fear


Just what I need

More mozzies in my ears

Those unrelenting bloodsuckers

Never listen to me

As I slap my face


My three repellents

Don’t work I fear


Damn it!

More mozzies in my ears

An open window

No working screen

My noisy neighbors

Are busy it seems

There’s a rip roaring party

Music, screaming, and laughter

There’s booze and beer


Buzz off!

Buzz my neighbors’ ears!

Turn over the buckets

And trash old tires

I’ll do what it takes

Don’t raise my ire

Long sleeves and pants

I must wear



More mozzies are in my ears!

The lights are off

I slap my face

The buzzing continues

At a fanatic pace

I flick on my lights

It’s a long night I fear



More mozzies in my ears

Now the dawn breaks

The buzzing subsides

I finally sleep

On my backside

The mozzies are gone

I have nothing to fear



The air is clear


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