My six year old niece’s two favorite words are seriously and really.

What companies put in their hair care products warrants such skepticism.

I use to teach Chinese children English. A part of my job was to serve as a teaching assistant and to assist kids with their projects.

One of these projects was to make shampoo. Yes. Shampoo.

Each student was given a shampoo making kit which included two boxes. One box had the ingredients for just the shampoo minus the scent, plastic square dishes, and plastic sticks for mixing. The other box was labeled parfum.


Everyone was also given a pair of gloves for protection.

Not good.

While my student was busy mixing the ingredients from the first box. I took a look at that box and tried to read the ingredients which was listed in English. I don’t remember what exactly was listed. But it looked something like this:




Then kid-like curiosity got a hold of me. I wanted to know what shampoo smelled like before perfume was added. As my student was opening the box labeled parfum I took the plastic dish with the plain shampoo, placed it just below my nostrils, and inhaled.

Bad idea.

My nostrils felt as if they were on fire. It was worse than eating horse radish. My eyes also burned and I got dizzy spells just from inhaling the stuff.

When I came to the first question that came to my mind was, “Seriously? This is a science project for kids?”

A good follow up question would be, “Really? This is what we are putting on our heads?”



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