My Road to Wellness

My road to wellness is very unusual.

I suffer from psoriasis. I’ve had this since I was ten. I’ve had my share of dermatologists recommending I use cortisones and steroid creams. They would work for about two weeks before my body would build up immunity to the medicine.

My dermatologists also recommended spending fifteen minutes a day in the sun. They also recommended methotrexate, a drug that could damage my liver, and Embrel, a drug that could affect my ability to have children.

Here’s where it gets unusual.

I use to live in China. I’ve lived there for fourteen years as an English as a second language teacher. Sunbathing with 1.3 billion Confucians staring at me? Out of the question. Having any doctor administer drugs? Unnerving when you’ve got 1.3 billion people in that doctor’s office with you.

Luckily there is traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). My TCM practitioner met with me in the privacy of his apartment.

“How many times do you go to the bathroom at night?” he asked.

That’s an unusual question I thought. “Twice,” I replied.

Then he asked me to stick out my tongue which I did. He took a Popsicle stick and padded my very wet tongue.

“Your qi is out of whack.”

I’ve never heard any western doctor say to me that my life force was off.

Even more bizarre was the medicine. I’ve had strange concoctions like snake bile, powdered deer horn, and my favorite – note the sarcasm – beetle juice.

Chinese medicine treats the patient as a whole whereas western medicine just treats the symptom. Yet if I were to take methotrexate it could damage my liver. It just didn’t make any sense. My skin would be clear but I many not be alive to enjoy my new birthday suit.

Which is one reason why I chose Melaleuca. To me Melaleuca follows the Chinese idea of treating my body as a whole rather than treating individual parts. By internally consuming one item I could enjoy better health that would benefit every part of my body with very little to no side effects at all.

Melaleuca has also helped me gain financial freedom. Finding a job in Hawaii, my home state, after fourteen years of living abroad, is quite a shock. I’ve been denied job offers because I lacked the skills required. I did manage to land a job as a security guard but due to budget cuts I quit after a year and became a writer. My first book, Banana Girl: An Asian American Woman’s Life in China was released this past summer.

I was skeptical when I first joined. Then I got my first check. It was less than $3.00. But it was proof that Melaleuca‘s business model works. Since then I have enrolled three more people and look forward to promoting more of Melaleuca‘s fantastic products and enrolling friends.

And, of course, getting a huge check in the mail.


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